Your wedding venue is a space to create memories, and we help you create the best ones!

As a wedding planner, we have been catering to clients with diverse tastes and preferences. Also, we have successfully managed to deliver the best results in all weddings, whether small-scale or large-scale. Hence, we are considered to provide the best wedding planning services in Delhi NCR.

While decorating a venue, we pay attention to every detail and come up with unique ideas. Our major focus is on the following areas of a wedding venue:

  • WELCOME AREA : As they say, “the first impression is the last impression.” The same is true for the welcome area of a wedding venue. The entrance area should be such that it leaves a lasting impression on the guests. To make this vital area of a wedding even more unique, we incorporate items as per the wedding theme. Things like lanterns, logs, wooden crates, flowers, candles & whatnot. We ensure that your guests feel the royal touch when they enter the venue.
  • LOUNGE & SITTING AREA : Our years of experience in the wedding planning industry have taught us the technical know-how of wedding planning. And with that vast experience, we believe that it is always better to concentrate attention on the smaller spaces of the venue and make them enticing enough to create a "wow area.” The rest space is also essential to decorate, but from a stylist’s perspective, we consider that spreading the decor out too thinly in every nook and corner of the hall makes it look bland and washed out. Instead, the focal points should be the one that attracts the most crowd, like the lounge & sitting area. The lounge area can be converted into a customized space that’s why we heavily focus on decorating this section of the wedding venue.
  • MAIN AREA OF THE CEREMONY OR THE WEDDING MANDAP: In Indian weddings, one of the most crucial areas is where the couple takes wedding vows or the Feras. We pay special attention to this section and seek our clients' tastes and preferences to decorate this area. There are numerous ways in which we decorate a Mandap or the Main area of the ceremony, like by flowers, drapes, wooden pillars, string lights, etc. Since we focus on the minutest details while planning a wedding, hence most people approach us for wedding decoration services in Noida.

At Eventsia we understand that your wedding venue is not just an ordinary place where you will tie the knot. Instead, it a place where you will create memories of a lifetime!


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